Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) vs Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI)

Hello homeowners and potential home buyers, this is Amir Syed with his Mortgage Minute. This short video is about the difference between PMI and MPI. Private mortgage insurance against mortgage protection insurance. In a nutshell, PMI is essentially involuntary and is forced by your lender if you are placing less than 20%. Protect the lender, not you in case of default on your payments. Mortgage protection insurance is voluntary and protects it, not so much the lender. God does not allow death, disability or loss of work, and is causing the default of mortgage payments. MPI decides to cover all of that for a certain period of time.

My advice is to consult a trusted financial advisor, but now you know the main differences. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please, feel free to share or comment on how I like it and we will answer any questions you may have. Talk to you soon!

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Amir Syed is a rising star in residential loans. He was a keynote speaker of the Extreme Entrepreneurship National Tour in 2011, which presents the main young entrepreneurs in the US. UU., And he has just completed a two-year term as a member of the board of directors of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Banks.

Syed, a private mortgage banker from Perl Mortgage, says he is looking to take advantage of that recognition with new and cutting-edge incursions into multimedia production.
"I'm currently working with Indirap Productions to launch exciting high-quality videos," he says. "I want to be positioned as the most recognized and reliable home mortgage source in Chicago, and smart real estate radio and video should catapult this mission."

At Perl Mortgage, Syed works with five of the nation's leading producing lenders, and says that two of those lenders are the owners of the company. "I love being involved in the ground floor, it says a lot." Whether he's working or on the basketball court (which he calls "the best team sport"), Syed is approaching his career without limitations. "The most intelligent, creative and secure person wins," he says. "There are no limits and Chicago is full of opportunities."


PERL is a leading independent national correspondent lender based in Chicago, with more than 200 employees throughout the company, licensed in 26 states and growing nationwide. Founded by Ken Perlmutter in 1994, PERL is now celebrating its second decade as one of Chicago's most respected independent financial institutions. As a full service lender, PERL has access to a wide range of credit products and consistently finds excellent rates and programs to meet the unique needs of our clients. With our internal operations, PERL can provide quick decisions on the credit information that customers need throughout the loan process, which leads to faster and hassle-free closings. We take pride in creating lifelong partnerships with our clients, and will help fund more than just your first home. We will continually manage your financial needs to ensure your long-term success.

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    Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) vs Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI)

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