Totally Sports Insurance speak with riders at Downhill Event June 2015

Mountain Biking as we know it today has existed since the '70s. Sport has evolved mainly in terms of technology. Some of the components you see on today's bikes will not be lost on a motocross bike. This allows MTB cyclists to achieve spectacular speeds, achieve some truly amazing jumps and perform incredible stunts.

The limits of sport are being pushed like never before. This makes it an incredible sport for spectators. However, if the spectator does not do it and would prefer to be on your bike, then it is difficult to find an adrenaline rush equal to him. The sport offers an excellent physical condition and with some really beautiful places to travel here in the UK, the popularity of sports is increasing.

Obviously there is no doubt that Mountain Biking can be a very dangerous sport. Fortunately, there are some excellent protective equipment available today. But this can only do a lot …

For those of you who have had the misfortune of having suffered from an accident, you will know very well the financial implications that an injury can cause. An accident can never be planned or planned. However, you can implement steps to ensure you receive support, in the worst case. Whether you work or work on your own, Totally Sports Insurance will help you with your monthly expenses, such as your mortgage, rent, bills, medical costs and general living expenses. You will receive ongoing payments until you return to work and this can continue until retirement.

Do not take it from us; Downhill Legend Steve Peat understands how essential sport insurance can be. "Mountain biking is a fast and adrenaline-packed sport that obviously comes with its dangers.The sport attracts people of all ages at all levels.Crashes are a fact.For those of us who have financial responsibilities, the Insurance is a necessity, Totally Sports Insurance can provide you with the financial support you'll need after an injury. "

If you are a downhill runner, a Cross Country rider, a trail rider or just enjoy the road, we will have a perfect insurance plan for you. The policy can even provide coverage outside the United Kingdom, during other sports and also in your daily life. It gives you that total protection!

With prices of £ 1.30 per week, can you afford not to have insurance?

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Video credits to Totally Sports Insurance YouTube channel

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    Totally Sports Insurance speak with riders at Downhill Event June 2015

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