Little Known Insurance Adjuster Tricks “Going Back to Work” – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

If your doctor has granted you work restrictions that your employer can not accept, the insurance company is required to pay you a weekly check. Many times most of the financial exposure to the insurance company is the fact that you are paying this weekly check. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may have to pay that weekly check for the rest of your life.

That could be very expensive for the insurance company.

Because of this, the insurance company will often pressure your employer to return to work early, possibly even before you are physically ready.

If you are offered a job within the restrictions of your job and you refuse to return and try the job, the insurance company has the right to suspend your weekly check.

In order to protect your right to receive your weekly check, the Georgia legislature has established certain security measures to protect you.

1. The employer must notify you of the work on a specific form provided by Georgia law. It's called WC-240.
2. In this form, the employer is required to write, in writing, exactly what it is expected to do physically in the job that is being offered.
3. Within 60 days before the Employer submits WC-240, your physician must have had the opportunity to review and approve the physical requirements of the job.
4. Next, you will be given a short period of time to test the work, and this is very important. This is why:
to. If during the trial period you realize that you can not do the job, all you have to do is tell your supervisor that you can not do the work, go home and the insurance company should restart your weekly check immediately . , no questions asked.
second. On the other hand, if you pass this trial period before realizing that you can not do the work and go home, the burden will fall on you to show that you judge why you can not do the job. It will be months before you even face a judge, much less wait for his decision. During all that time, the insurance company has no obligation to pay you anything. Financially, that will hurt you.

In addition, if you return to work without requiring your employer to follow exactly process 240, you will risk losing the protection you would otherwise have had if you had followed the 240 process. Do not make that mistake; insist that the employer follow the process exactly 240.

If your employer tries to get you back to work prematurely, keep in mind that your weekly workers' compensation check is under attack. Employers and insurance companies realize that if they can cut their finances, they have a good chance of starving and making them give up and leave. Do not let it happen to you.

Do not play with your financial future, you and your family have that weekly check. If you receive a weekly workers 'compensation check and suspect that the employer will try to return you to work prematurely, do not wait until you stop your check, immediately contact a good qualified Georgia workers' compensation lawyer.

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    Little Known Insurance Adjuster Tricks “Going Back to Work” – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

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